Fast Money Loans


Our cash loans are different from a payday loan

Wonga is different from other lenders due to the level of flexibility we offer with our instant cash loans. Wonga offers short-term cash starting from as small as R500 for 4 days up to R8000 for up to 6 months, or any combination in between. Wonga offers this degree of flexibility because we want you to be in total control of your money and finances, and Wonga can help you do that. Most importantly, Wonga will never encourage you to borrow more money than you can comfortably afford.

When an unforeseen emergency occurs and you’re short of cash, applying through a lender or loan broker who is able to offer fast loans is your best solution. Hoopla Loans help thousands of people every month to obtain the cash they need in a very short period of time and they can also help you too.

Quick Process

Securing a fast loan through us is easy as the entire application process could take only just a few minutes, and if you’re approved, your loan would be instantly paid into your bank account. This means that your application would be done completely online, making it very quick and easy for you to get your loan approved and paid out.


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